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The Shaded Scyth Studios is a movie making team that creates videos of basically anything. This is the place to learn about past and upcoming projects that are being produced as well as a place for posting ideas and fan fiction for good films

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The Shaded Scyth Studios is a team of Internet filmmakers that live for only one purpose...TO MAKE VIDEOS. The organization was founded by Evan Bernardi (Current owner and proprietor) and his friend Juwan Higgins, It was founded on the date of May 11, 2008 Where Evan Posted the first video that bore the Shaded Scyth Studios Icon entitled COMING SOON. The video was amateur, but a good start in movie making. The team later was recognized for its animated film RETURN OF KING RAMSES CURSE. Later they took on some youtube poops that got them recognized for Evan Bernardi’s video MARIOS HEAD DRINKS 99 BILLION GALLONS OF COKA-COLA. Later they were starting to work on live action films including SAW (STARRING THE SHADED SCYTH STUDIOS) and COP WARS TRAILER. Today the Shaded Scyth Studios has started to attempt more recognition and to create films that lean towards fan fiction and the goal of turning other people’s dreams and ideas into reality

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