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Evan Bernardi in 2012

Evan Joseph Bernardi (otherwise known as mibevan on YouTube) is a young filmmaker, best known for being the main founder of The Shaded Scyth Studios. He is a college student enrolled at Full Sail University. He is known for writting and directing videos on youtube.

Ever since he started making movies in 2008 he has become focused and obsessed with this hobbie that he hope's to become an official film director.

He is well known on Youtube for his animated series, Return of King Ramses Curse, and bringing back its popularity to the internet.

Early Years (1993 - 2011)Edit

Evan Bernardi was born in Orlando, Florida in 1993. In 1997 he moved to Philadelphia, PA with his Mother and sister where he lived his life. He Joined the Boy Scouts in 2

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Evan Bernardi in 2000 (presumed)

002 where he learned how to become a leader. During those years He was working on a computer program on his family gateway computer called Nickelodeon 3-D Movie Maker where he made short films using what was provided on the program.

In middle school, in 2007 he was introduced to YouTube and the world of filmmaking. By then he was an anime fan, everything he thought about was Japanese animation and art. His favorite shows back then were Naruto and Zatch Bell. He eventually got out of the craze later as he entered his high school years. It wasn’t until 9th grade; he attempted to make a video with his friends for YouTube. The original name for the production team went through many variations and it consisted of Evan Bernardi and his friends Juwan Higgins, Alyssa Kulakowski, and Dan Middlesworth. They failed because of the camera they used wouldn’t get their film on the Internet. Then May 11th, 2008 came along and with some help Evan was the first to post the first video on YouTube that had the Shaded Scyth Studio's icon on it. The VIdeo Was entitled, COMMING SOON.



Evan Bernardi's first video

Later he was able to add more videos onto the Internet through out the school years. During that time Evan was working on teaching himself how to make simple animated videos. Despite how bad they may have been (being his first time and all as well as not knowing what he was doing) he was able to create many films including THE CHRONICALS OF MIBEVAN EP 0-1. He intended to make this into a video series but both episodes were complete failures. Luck would change in his animation skills, as he was able to create a small home-animated film called RETURN OF KING RAMSES CURSE. It was a continuation to an episode of Cartoon Networks show Courage the Cowardly Dog (King Ramses Curse). Despite the first 2 parts not being made with professional animation it was a success. Before he posted the movie there were a total of 5 videos on the original cartoon episode, after the movie the millions upon millions of clips and episodes flew in. Evan Bernardi's movie would not be concluded until 2011.

Evan Later was obsessed with YouTube poops and attempted to make many of his own. However most of them were very poor in viewer count but one of them became the most watched video on His channel entitled MARIO'S HEAD DRINKS 99 BILLION GALLONS OF COKA COLA. Later their Evan had an idea for a series that combined live action and animation. The series was entitled TRIBUTES TO THE DOOMED. However as time went on the chances of creating this series became impossible. The idea was laid to the

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Evan Bernardi (middle) with Juwan Higgins (left) and Darryn Jamison (Right) in 2010

sideline and has never been mentioned since.

Later Evan started creating live action movies with numerous effects and stock footage he used on Sony Vegas. Two of his most popular films include a Halloween video called SAW (STARRING THE SHADED SCYTH STUDIO'S) as well as COP WARS TRAILER (which was a fake trailer for a movie series he had thought of).

Afterwards Evan made many other projects, mainly they were just of him doing crazy effects, others were for school projects such as Sonnet 143 and a commercial for his high schools ROTC unit (which he was apart of). Throughout the years he made other school projects including one about Bladder Cancer, another one that was in Spanish entitled HOW TO MAKE A VENEZUELAN TACO (Starring Jon Winters) and a documentary called The Iraq War (Starring David Hall).

SAW (starring The Shaded Scyth Studios)

SAW (starring The Shaded Scyth Studios)


His video making came to a halt later during 2012 as he was starting college.

Today (College)Edit

After Graduating Evan Bernardi returned to Orlando, Florida to attend college at Full Sail University to recieve his bachular's degree in film. He left the Northern Shaded Scyth Studio's in the hands of his close friend Juwan Higgins. He is now living with his Father and Step Mom,

During the college years Evan Bernardi Has been in many videos (mainly school projects) and has only posted updates on his youtube page. One of which was a Thanksgiving Film entiled Portal Turrets Thanksgiving Adventure afterwards he has been posting VLOGS and updates about stuff in college. He directed his first film in 2012. A short film called I Am Nerd which will be released soon. He is also currently working on an upcomming Halloween movie based of a peice of fan fiction from Creepypasta called Easter Egg- Snow on Mt. Silver. He is currently working on that and is aiming to drip a movie and game portion of the project on the target date of October 28, 2012.


The Trailer for Easter Egg- Snow on Mt. SIlver

Personal LifeEdit

Evan Bernardi was a member of The Boy Scouts of America (Life rank) and his highschools Marine Corps JROTC unit (Master Sergeant). He enjoys surfing the internet for funny videos and home movies that have been made by others. He feels inspored by peoples ideas and work.

He is currently in a Long Distence Relationship With Michelle Kaufman (who is living in PA). He lives with his Step mother, who works in the Disney Park's, and Father, current developer of a computer software called Building The Building.

Evan plays online video games on steam, as well as classic games on his Nintendo 64. His favorite titles include Garrys Mod, Team Fortress 2, Portal, Portal 2, Left 4 dead, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon.

His favorite films are The Dark Knight, Avatar, Psycho, The Birds, The Avengers, and Terminator. He likes Classic Heavy Metal music; he mostly favors Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne. His Favorite TV shows include My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Once Upon a Time, The Big Bang Theory, Community, The Simpsons, The Boondocks, and Family Guy.